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SeatCycle Reups Agreement With FutureTix

“Every few years a concept comes along that takes ticketing to the next phase… and we believe SeatCycle has that next innovation.” said Dan DeMato, Principal, FutureTix, Inc.  “We are delighted to continue to work with SeatCycle as they develop their new analytics-based solutions regarding no-shows and empty seats.”

“Through conversations with industry leaders like FutureTix, we learned that a large number of venues are struggling with alarmingly high no-show rates, even at sold-out events.” said Ray Shealy, Executive Chairman at SeatCycle. He added, “FutureTix’s wealth of knowledge and experience has been critical to helping bring SeatCycle to market in a manner that tackles the pain points associated with no-shows.  SeatCycle’s technology is highly configurable in addressing no-shows across a wide variety of event types. This is a direct result of the savvy input FutureTix provided to us.”

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