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Proactive Communication & Reselling No-Show Seats

Data analytics helps forecast the number of sold seats that will remain empty during an event. Taking this one step further, there is an opportunity to communicate with existing customers and be even more targeted in the identification of potential no-shows. Through the SeatCycle platform, this communication is facilitated via text message and email.

Engage existing patrons

SeatCycle’s communication tool allows for the creation of customized lists containing contact info for original ticket holders. Curate these lists based on patron behavior, seat type, number of tickets held, etc.. Send custom messages to patrons to check-in on their event attendance status; allow them to respond and return tickets if they are unable to attend. Compensation can be given for opting to return tickets, whether this is a partial refund or credit for future events.

Reach new markets

Once empty seats have been identified via predictive analytics, proactive communication or a combination of both, these seats can be filled. Tickets can be grouped for sale with different price points, distribution channels and audiences. The SeatCycle outreach tool allows for the creation of multiple potential customer groups, such as a waiting list, previous customers, students, website visitors, etc. Next, choose a combination of channels to reach your audience with custom messaging; possible channels include text, email, secondary marketplaces or advertisements. SeatCycle will recommend various presets, but the levers within this tool are configurable to ensure specific venue needs are met.

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